Barb Gordon

Graphic Designer

Posted in Uncategorized by namehere on May 10, 2010

Hi. My name is Barb Gordon. I started “Barb Gordon Graphic Design” in 1977. I enjoyed a wonderful career with a focus on publishing design and illustration. I am currently retired. Advice I would share: Work hard, it is very satisfying. Practice matters. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but striving for perfection will result in great skill. Live beneath your means so you can save for emergencies and retirement. Honesty truly is the best policy. Tell your loved ones that you love them as often as possible. Floss and brush, your teeth are a reflection of your overall health. Be compassionate. Volunteer and do something just to help someone less fortunate with no concern for recognition or reward. Exercise and eating right are important, but you don’t have to overdo it. Balance is the key to most everything.

Barb Gordon
Barb Gordon Graphic Design